Negotiating or Lying – How to Tell the Difference with Buyers

One thing I’m consistently asked is “How do you know if the prospect is being truthful with you or just flat out lying to you?”

Nothing like a little controversy to start the new week! Truthful negotiation tactics or just flat out lying to get you to do something? That is the issue at hand today.

Okay, first let’s take a quick look at truthful buyers. These people just tell you up front – “no. Not today. Get out of here. Please leave you’re wasting my time.” The directness of the statements tells you they mean it. They do not or are not going to do business with you. No doubt, no replay, and no reason to continue at the moment.

By the way, this response is most often triggered by your price being higher than they expected or are getting from your low priced competitor. Therefore, no deal or real negotiation. Other than an occasional – “Is this your best price?” When you say yes – the negotiation is officially over. Move on and be thankful for the direct answer.

There are three ways a buyer will provide tips to you that they are not being fully truthful with you at the moment. Especially during price negotiations.

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