Team up with a Customer Support Person

One of the fastest ways to improve relationships with a large corporate customer is to have other people involved in servicing their account.

Outside b2b sales people who have learned it is difficult to service a large account all by themselves have discovered by teaming up with an inside sales person or a customer support person have increased their overall sales volume.

A key component to this success lies in the need for corporate account people to feel safe and secure. Therefore, by having multiple contacts – who know their business – gives them an added sense of safety and security – in other words, when stuff happens they can get in touch with a human being quickly to get answers or suggestions.

This factor is often overlooked with traditional b2b sales people and their company structure reflects this in a big way to the customer. All the contact is made before a sale or up to the moment the contract is signed – and then boom – there are no human beings to speak to when stuff happens. They get a email address or an 800 number to a call center in some other country. Geez!

The results of this activity is usually a very unhappy and dissatisfied customer, so this is basically a one time sale and no renewal to any contract is coming.

At our company, we made this mistake when buying office machinery from an old school group. They were wonderful – up until the time we leased the equipment – then we were placed in service department hell. No local service, always took several days to get a technical person, they did not understand anything about our company or what we did or how critical their machinery was to us. Frustration and mistrust soon followed. Oh, yes, the contract is expiring this year and suddenly the sales person is calling and knocking on our door – yet, we are definitely going somewhere else.

Don’t let the same thing happen to you as our lone wolf traditional sales person. Connect with someone inside your organization and introduce them to your customers. Take the inside person with you on a customer visit or if you invite the customer to your offices introduce them to the inside connection. This insures a relationship and connection to your company – no matter where you are during the day.

This is the simplest form of team selling, yet, it pays huge dividends in the end game of sales success.

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