Three Areas of Business Issue Focus

After discussing the use of the questioning model to verify and confirm problems and concerns, I got several emails asking what are the primary areas of business focus using the questioning model. They understood the list of problems and concerns, yet, each person wanted to know how to relate them to business issues.

There are the three major areas of business interest that you will want to cover in your questioning process. Remember, when you uncover the issues and verify or confirm their intensity, you will be well on your way to making the b2b sales that will move you to the top.

Here are the Three Areas of Business Issues or Interest for your b2b sales focus…

  1. Financial Issues
    How to reduce costs and increase profits is always on the mind of key account executives. These are important to all the C Level executives and anyone who has a P & L responsibility. These people are always looking for improvement in these areas, therefore, help them see the benefits as well as the ROI of your solutions.
  2. Performance Issues
    This is all about getting things done faster and better. Again, job or process improvement is the name of this game. The best method to engage this interest is to show success stories in similar situations or industries. Allow them to see themselves in the story and they will begin asking you, “how and when can we get started?” The performance issues or interest are usually found in the middle management ranks. They are looking for ways to gain a step up the ranks and get higher employee and customer satisfaction rankings.
  3. Image Issues
    How can they look better to others and the public. The public issue or interest is more important today than ever before. The green issues have taken center stage and everyone wants to show they know how to be more green. Any areas where the “individual” decision maker enhances their image is a bonus for you. Think how you can show a company they will use less energy, fuel, and be more environmentally friendly gives you an advantage in the marketplace.

Okay, there you have the three major areas of business interest or issues to focus your efforts during the b2b sales process. Remember this very important piece to the puzzle:

The Reason why the Prospect or Customer wants to improve these areas is for their personal benefit. If it makes their problems go away and also happens to make them look good in the process – the faster they will get the solution going.

“Never underestimate the need for personal benefit in your b2b sales solution.”

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