Three Important Follow-Up Sessions for b2b Sales

For b2b sales people, the standard follow-up note, email or text is not enough if you are going after a really big project. While the standard follow-up is a good start, there are three additional follow-up procedures making the difference between success and failure.

The big three follow-ups include…

  1. Conversations with the Key Decision Maker
    Yes, besides a written document or text, a phone call to discuss options and ideas gets the decision maker involved in the sales process. Buy in is much simpler when they are involved every step of the way. When they make suggestions regarding direction and vision it is best to listen and implement.
  2. Meeting with the Decision Makers Peers
    Here is where you get the insiders take on the meanings and importance of the project you are going after with the top level decision maker. Remember, try as you may, you are not an insider in this process. The reality is you are still an outsider who needs guidance, coaching and suggestions from those in the know in the customer’s organization. This is also an opportunity to garner support from the users and influences within the company, those are the people you will need the most during implementation of your projects.
  3. Meeting with Your Own Sales Team Members
    Here is one of the most overlooked sources for good information regarding your potential project and the anticipated success you expect. Your own team of experts – technical people, financial experts, marketing managers, supply chain managers as well as your sales manager and other sales people who have similar customers. These people can all give you insight in how to make a complete plan with no holes. Couple this will expectations of a smooth transition during the implementation phase of the project and you have a natural winner. Miss something due to ego or arrogance, you will lose the credibility of the customer’s decision maker.

There you have the game plan of the day. Use these follow-up guides after every meeting with top level decision maker with the prospect or existing customer. What you learn during these discussion and dialogues can have a significant positive effect upon your success rate.

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