Tools for Getting High Quality Leads for B2B Sales

Been getting a number of questions on how to get leads for the b2b sales team. My opinion on generating leads is to make certain they are high quality leads.

I know most b2b sales people are frustrated by unqualified leads they usually receive from the marketing group. And, since the only thing a b2b sales person has to trade for their sales success is their time.

Therefore, if they are out chasing leads that are more closely related to black holes than qualified sales leads – well they are losing both time and potential sales results. So, I can understand their frustration – been there.

So how do you get high quality leads?

Here are five tools to get higher quality leads. If you don’t know how to use them, well lend on your marketing team to get the right job done.

  1. Newsletters
    This is one of the best tools for keeping you and your company’s name in front of both customers and prospects. The key to your newsletter being a success is quality content rather than sales copy. Quality content is always in demand, and the interesting thing is key players will read good content every time.
  2. Press Releases
    This more of a marketing departments role, however, you can bring ideas and topics of interest to the marketing department for them to execute. PR is the best tool for building your brand – both products and company. PR can start buzz about your products or company (or both) which will help you since people want to work with successful organizations or “known products.”
  3. Case Studies
    Here is where the sales team can contribute success stories for the marketing group to write up. Then a brochure, flyer or PDF attachment for emailing your prospects and customers. Take a moment to think about your successes and if you have the necessary ROI measurements from the customer for proof. You will need this type of information for credibility. The key here is to keep it all about the problems encountered by the customer and the beneficial results they received from your help. Again, no selling, tell the story so your prospect will become curious as to how you did it and contact you.
  4. White Papers
    This is a special report, survey of customers or some important information that can be viewed as valuable information. Interesting enough is the fact the higher level executives tend to be the ones who actually read or study these white papers. If you are selling to higher level executives this is your tool of choice.
  5. Webinars
    Here is something everyone in your organization can get involved with to both generate high quality leads and move into the best of class status in your industry or market. The research shows the longer you use this tool the more successful the process becomes – including the higher quality leads. There are best practices for using webinars. For best results a webinar needs to be planned out in depth from when to offer, how to promote it, how to measure results, what topics to offer, and who will deliver the presentation. You need to select the purpose or objective of the webinar – lead generation, how to use a product properly, delivering industry trends, best practices of customers, or tips for more effectiveness in customer organizations (usually a third party or highly known speaker.) The most important is to start using them right away. They are working for the organizations and sales professional who are using them every month.

There you have five tools you can use effectively in reaching your goals with high quality or qualified leads for you and your organization. Some of these tools may be new to you and there are doubts as to how to use them. Again, the key is to get your sales team together and discuss them.

Find ways to implement as many of the five tools as you can and you will get the higher quality leads. I know the newsletter process works since it has generated serious leads or moved us to a top of mind status with an existing customer. When you get emails or phone calls after they receive a newsletter, you working on a hot lead rather than a cold one.

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  1. Internet has revolutionized the way the world does business on both a local and global level.More and more people particularly businessmen are turning and using internet as their tool in marketing and advertising their products and services, recruiting, competitor research and many more. With all of these, consumers need not to go to the somewhere else just to purchase certain product or services. A few clicks from the internet will give what you really wanted. Thus, with the help of internet lead generation comes so easy.

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