Trade Show Tips for B2B Sales People

Occasionally I get a question or requests from a B2B sales person asking for tips for manning the trade booth at expos and trade association conferences.

First a couple of turn off behaviors:

  • Attacking or Pouncing on an attendee in the walkway
  • Yelling or Hawking your product or service like a TV or Cable ad pitchman
  • Sitting in the back of the booth and doing nothing to interact with a possible customer or prospect
  • Putting a table between the booth and the walkway – forcing the attendee to remain outside your space
  • Looking bored or disinterested in interacting with anyone

There are probably some others, however, I want to get to the good stuff. The tips to improve your trade show success. So here are the eight positive ways to influence your trade show success…

Eight Trade show Tips to Improve Your Success

  1. Dress well and keep the trade booth area neat and clutter free.
  2. Use your observational skills to notice approaching customers and prospects.
  3. Greet visitors warmly with a smile, firm handshake and a positive attitude.
  4. Mirror the attendee’s body language, speech rate and volume, adjust your words to the experience and knowledge level of the attendee.
  5. Ask questions to uncover what the visitor is looking for in your trade booth.
  6. Use active listening techniques and show respect for the visitor’s opinions and beliefs – no arguing allowing here.
  7. Make short presentations or best – demonstrates keeping your focus on your visitor rather than the environment.
  8. Thank visitors for stopping, get their cards or information for follow-up and invite them back if they think of any additional questions or concerns.

Okay,  it is time for an important  bonus action – remain in the booth giving visitors space to come into your booth to look, approach them after they are inside your booth area and ask –“What specifically are you looking for here? Let me help you find it.” This or some modification of this is much better than the common – “Can I help you?” with the knee jerk answer of “Nope! I’m just looking.”

Be smart and open a dialogue with the visitor, getting them to tell you about their needs, problems, or questions. For you to learn about your visitors true situation you will need them to start talking and you to listen and then ask more clarifying questions. This approach wins more opportunities than any other method.

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