Use Pilot Programs for Improved b2b Sales Success

If you are looking for a method to quickly improve your b2b sales success, then think about how you can implement a small pilot program for your prospect.

Some b2b sales people make it a focal point to place a pilot program into a prospect account or in some cases an existing customer who could be looking at a totally new process you are offering.

The reasoning for the use of pilots is it lowers the fear of buying, shows an actual ROI on the project, and allows the buyer to see your implementation practice in account. Thus, no surprises or chaos causing more issues or confrontation across functional groups.

Here are four methods you can use to trigger the use of a pilot program within your prospect account…

  1. Use an Assessment Process
    Sometimes the pilot is nothing more than an assessment of the current situation to find areas of strength and areas of weakness. The areas of weakness then become the target of your next step. This method can also increase the buy-in factor to your offerings and solutions due to the objective nature of the information from the assessment.
  2. Smaller Problem First
    Again, think about how complex a large problem can be. Simplify the problem down to a lower level and then focus your efforts upon solving this specific problem. When this is done, you can increase the coverage of the problem and its impact upon their organization. A tip for you – sometimes buyers and other decision makers DO NOT BELIEVE there is a solution to their problem. It’s true. I have had buyers flat out tell me – there is no solution to this issue. They have been working on it for years without any favorable results – so they have learned to live with it! Watch out for these people, they may be the most difficult people to sell. Or, offer a test solution using a pilot and when you solve the problem, they will believe you are their solution to all their problems.
  3. Limit products & Services
    Resist the temptation to load up the pilot with all your products and services. This creates complexity in the mind of the buyer. Keep it simple and focused. Limit your products, prove your abilities, show them a return and then go after more business – using your track record with them as proof of your performance.
  4. Focus on One Group or Department
    Focus your pilot on a small group or business unit rather than attempting to sell a new concept to the entire organization. Your success in one department will open doors to the rest of the organization in most organizations for expansion of your sales efforts. If you try to get too big or increase the complexity or possible political risk – you will lose the opportunity to show how you are successful with your customers. Slow down to go Fast!
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