What Sales Development is Needed Today?

This is one of the most common questions I get from both Sales Managers and Sales People. What types of training and development is most important today for success in B2B sales?

Well, here is a short list of what not to be learning more of today…

  • Overcoming the gatekeeper
  • Handling Objections
  • Trial Closes after identifying any Problem
  • Asking more Pain Questions
  • 1001 ways to close
  • Learning manipulative questions or other techniques
  • how to read a power point presentation

Okay, I realize some of you know these tactics do not work in serious b2b selling and definitely not with higher level decision makers. So what should you be learning if you want to improve your b2b sales results?

Here is another list of things you should be learning and mastering for b2b sales success…

  • How to Effectively ask Questions to Engage the Thinking of the buyer or decision maker
  • How to Effectively communicate with Anyone and Everyone You Meet in an Organization
  • How to Research or Mind Data about Prospects
  • Understanding the Important Business Acumen or Financial Ratios Needed for Consultative Selling
  • Mastery of a Questioning Model which uses the Customer/Prospect Response to Guide Direction
  • How to use Technology Properly – From PDAs to iPads to Software to Voice Mails
  • How to Sell without Using old school traditional sales tactics
  • Giving Speeches and Presentation to Large Groups to Drive Interest in Your Solutions or Offerings
  • How to Have Conversations with Decision Makers rather than a Sales Pitch
  • Finally, How to Be a Great Team Player within a Sales Team using Collaboration to Win more Accounts.

There you have my list of things to do, if you want to stay ahead in the Game of B2B Selling. Oh, did I mention it is also your responsibility to take charge of both your own sales development and making yourself a better person at the same time. You see the better person you become the easier it is for you to be confident, self assured and real to your customers.

Follow the path laid down by the self-development leaders – you know the ones – the B2B Sales Superstars. There is a reason they have moved into the ranks of the B2B Sales Superstars. The are one a continuous learning track which is fluid and flexible with the times. They keep improving – so they can stay ahead of their nearest competitors.

My question to you…

What You Doing to Improve Your B2B Sales Results?

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