When the Prospect is Nonresponsive to Your Contacts?

Okay, so you have been calling and leaving messages with a prospect and they haven’t called you back. So what do you do now?

First, do not panic or anything like that, trust me here it is not personal. It seems people today have no extra time or even down time for that matter whereby they could call you and learn about your offer. Always remember it is only business.

That being said, there is the issue of poor business choices with your voice mails, letters or email (assuming you have an email address.).

Let’s review a couple of points.

  1. Voice mail
    You need to take time to write a good script, which is to be practiced rather than read. The important thing to remember is you voice mail needs to be narrow-casted to the person you are calling. Our research has shown the message needs to be relative to the title of the person being contacted in order for rapport building to take place. The other point to remember is to think about your prospect from the perspective of what are their possible business issues. Then make your voice mail address possible solutions to these types of issues.
  2. Letters
    Are actually an excellent method of contact these days. In fact, hand written letters will get opened and read at a higher rate than a voice mail will be listened too in most cases. Again, the key to your ultimate success is in the narrowcasting your message to the type of position held by the prospect. Narrowcasting is a form of delivering a specific message to a person which instantly creates a feeling that you understand this person and what is important for the prospect. Connecting at a higher level will open doors previously shut tight.
  3. Timing
    Think moderation regarding the timing of voice mails and letters. First, do not call a prospect everyday – it shows you have other business and could be hard up for business. Show some class and limit your contact while remaining persistent. Letters should go out about every 10 to 14 days. Phone calls should be limited to once a week. And emails should be only once per week. Do not act like the internet marketers who use mostly tricks or stretch the truth – every day with their emails. GEEZ! Be more like a Business Person who Sells and you will get the return calls based upon mutual respect rather than some gimmick.

One final point regarding your contact with a prospect.

When this person you are attempting to contact just does not want to play with you – again assuming you have done things as a business person would – then realize it must be something about their corporate philosophy and the way they do business. It is seldom personal.

My advice is to keep them on your list for contacting, yet, move this person into a quarterly type of contact – usually with a letter offering a white paper or success story or even a link to an excellent article relative to their business or industry. Again, the point is to be helpful rather than the pushy sales person. Then the trust will build over time and true contact will come at the right moment.

Make sure you are not wasting time pursuing business where you have little chance of winning. The only thing you have to trade in the world of b2b selling is your time. Guard it and use it wisely going after better business opportunities.

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