Sales People Created the Commodity Problem

Why do sales people and sales managers sit around complaining about how their industry has become a commodity like selling environment with “everything” being about price. I have heard enough of this and all the excuses or blame for why it has happened to the market they sell in.

Well, another NEWS FLASH! No one other than the sales team themselves created this mess. And, the main reason the sales people created this environment is simple. Sales people forgot to keep developing their skills and talent. There I said it, now let the comments commence!

For most of the sales people and sales management, I can stop the excuses, anger and even denial by asking one question. And here it is…

When was the last time you spent time engaged in a serious sales development work session?

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News Flash – Talent or Potential is NOT High Performance

I was reading about how JaMarcus Russell was cut by the Oakland Raiders football team. He was the number one draft in the NFL a short three years ago.

He possessed all the talent anyone could ask for in an NFL quality Quarterback – size ( 6 foot 6 inches and over 250 lbs) and arm strength ( could throw a football the length of the field) and a history of success – (High school state championships, All State, Lead LSU to two SEC championships and two major bowl victories). Yet, something happened to this possible superstar – he failed in the Pro ranks.

So, if Talent or Potential cannot automatically create high performance – what can product high performance? …sales performance?

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