The “Game Changing” B2B Sales Books

There are thousands of Sales and B2B Sales Books, the question is…

Which Books Are Required Reading for My Professional Results?

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Each of these B2B Sales Books are Game Changers in the world of B2B Selling – and they will make a difference in your B2B Sales Performance.

SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham
This is THE Book which turned the Sales World upside down. Based upon 35,000 sales initiatives which were followed from start to finish. The data was run – resulting in this game changer.
This is required reading for ALL B2B Sales People.

Major Account Sales Strategy by Neil Rackham
Another B2B Sales Book by Neil Rackham. This time he specifically addresses the How to Win Major Accounts. The research his team conducted uncovered exactly what worked for Major Account Sales, and more importantly, what NOT to do when working on a Major Account Opportunity.
This is another Required Reading for B2B Sales People engaged in Winning Accounts rather than a short term sell. Outstanding book and one of our favorites.

Consultative Selling: The Hanan Formula for High-Margin Sales at High Levels by Mack Hanan
This is the author who began the Consultative Selling movement. This book explains exactly how to sell as a Consultant or Business Advisor. It opens up the reasoning behind finding the problems and approaching your customer or client as a valued advisor to the benefit the customer. One of the major learning points within this book is the important of figuring out a Return on Investment (ROI) for your sale objective. If you are selling to mid level managers – they need this type of information to do the internal sell for you.
Again, required reading for any B2B Sales Professional. It is a very small investment for the ability to sell more and larger complex offerings.

The New Conceptual Selling: The Most Effective and Proven Method for Face-to-Face Sales Planning by Miller & Heiman
If you are selling a complex deal which can be described as selling “intangibles” rather than a hard or “tangible” product. Most service type sales are based upon a conceptual aspect therefore required a different approach and positioning. This is a ground breaking book for the intangible or conceptual sale.
If you are selling intangibles such as services or very complex multiple part opportunities, then this book is required for you. If you are only selling hard and comparable products – then SPIN selling is more important.

The New Strategic Selling: The Unique Sales System Proven Successful by the World’s Best Companies by Miller & Heiman.
This is another of the King Kong of Game Changers for the B2B Sales World. This b2b sales book had a huge impact upon my b2b sales success. It uses a framework of all the different types of buyers within a corporate structure. This buyers are categorized for you in a format whereby you can figure out who you are talking to and what is important to this buyer. It also shows you the danger of by-passing any of the buyers and the impact upon your success. In my experience it identifies the non decision makers ( can only say NO.) from the major influences to the Economic Buyer ( the only one who can say Yes).
Selling to larger corporate entities makes this a required read or as I prefer to say it – A MUST READ.


The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation By Dixon & Adamson

Okay, this is the newest book on the block of game changers yet it’s content is huge for anyone in B2B Sales. It is also based upon real time research – not some ivory tower concept – that is proven and documented relative to is working or not working IN TODAY’S B2B SALES WORLD.
The authors have been looking into the changes in the buyer’s process since the Great Recession and the impact upon our sales results. Sharing the results in a partial and usable manner, you can focus upon what is working and win more sales.
In my opinion, this is required book for all b2b sales people still in the market today. If you want better results (or know why you are succeeding) get this today and read it immediately. Personally, I could not put it down and I shared it with several Sales VP’s who have purchased the book for their sales teams and other executives in their company.

There are additional books which followed these Game Changers which are helpful in learning exactly what works or does not work, how to make the sales processes work for you and to refine your execution for Superior B2B Sales Performance.
Enjoy each of these books starting today.
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