Why New Products Cause Good Sales People to Fail

Sometimes it makes no sense when experienced and effective b2b sales suddenly begin to fail when selling new products in their markets.

What is happening to these experienced and good sales people to have issues hitting their numbers?

Well, in my opinion there are two major reasons for this decline in effectiveness when selling new products.

  1. Too Many Details and No Problem Identification
  2. Calling on the Wrong Type of Decision Maker

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When the Prospect is Nonresponsive to Your Contacts?

Okay, so you have been calling and leaving messages with a prospect and they haven’t called you back. So what do you do now?

First, do not panic or anything like that, trust me here it is not personal. It seems people today have no extra time or even down time for that matter whereby they could call you and learn about your offer. Always remember it is only business.

That being said, there is the issue of poor business choices with your voice mails, letters or email (assuming you have an email address.).

Let’s review a couple of points.

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Fifteen Ways to Touch Your Potential Customers

Earlier this week I wrote about using a campaign as a method of touching your potential customers. And, it has come to my attention you wanted more information about exactly what you can use to effectively “touch” your potential customer as well as your current customers (good idea to also regularly touch your existing customers.).

So I thought I would provide a list of ways you can regularly touch your potential customers. This creates the top of mind awareness you want in your business relationships. So here they are…

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Five Techniques to Improve Qualified Leads

Those of you who are regular readers of my b2b sales tips know I believe sales AND marketing should be tightly aligned in you want consistent increases in your b2b sales results.

Qualified Leads are one of the most important elements for improving sales results. Why? Because b2b sales people only have one precious thing to trade – their time. If a b2b sales person is chasing every lead they get without qualifying the lead – the b2b sales person loses their irreplaceable time they could have spent on a qualified potential customer.

Therefore, if Sales and Marketing are tightly aligned you will see these five techniques providing the majority of the new b2b sales leads…

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