Top Five Customer Frustrations

Recently I was asked by a client – “What are typical customer frustrations with sales people?”

That question created a discovery and research process which uncovered several major issues for customers – caused by the sales people who call upon them. This was amazing to me. It seems sales people have the uncanny ability to shot themselves in the foot – then admire their marksmanship rather than not shot at all!

Yes, we – the sales people create major frustration for our customers – consciously or unconsciously – which makes building trust and successful selling more difficult. Here are the major customer frustrations created by sales people.

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Ask for Information You Need

Today is really a reminder more than anything else. It is a simple sales tip. You must ASK for Information that you need in order to make the right offer to your customer. If you don’t ask questions to get the real answers and information – you will be back to the traditional sales methods … Read more…