General or Specific Questions?

Since questions and the questioning model are so critical to your b2b sales success, I want to cover the importance and difference between general and specific questions. There is a direct relationship between general and specific questions usage in the b2b sales process.

First, as a reminder, why are you using questions in the b2b sales process?

Because using questions engage the buyer and involve them in creating a solution for their issues and concerns. Questions are used to gain the prospects interest and attention to solving a problem – their problem and the associated pain of their problem.

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Are You Curious Enough?

Regarding sales people, one trait that I have noticed with the best sales people – including the sales superstars – is the trait of being curious. Why is curiosity important?

Curiosity is the natural need to discover reasons or just information about things we see, hear or touch during the day. For sales people, this is a very positive trait because a curious sales person is one who will ask more questions. More questions leads to new discoveries and information that can impact the progress of the sales process.

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3 Fatal Flaws of B2B Selling

Through the years of working with sales people from many different industries and all levels of performance, I have found three fatal flaws for sales failure. While these are primary observations of B2B Selling professionals, you could probably find these same three in other forms of selling.

So let’s review the list of the top three fatal flaws of B2B selling:

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