B2B Selling has Changed – Have You?

I don’t know if you have noticed a major change in selling, yet, I started to notice some major changes in the B2B Selling World during the past four years. And, yes, the Great Recession has a major role in the changing dynamic of our world of selling.

First, let’s look at some of the trends started during the past four to five years.

  • Consolidation of Industries and Niche Industries
  • Customers demand lower costs
  • Product Knowledge is known by our customers & prospects
  • Old techniques and tactics are basically useless
  • Real Decision Makers have disappeared from the Sales Process

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Four Things You Need Before the First B2B Meeting

Got a question from my one of my clients this week, asking me what a b2b sales person needs to have prior to making their first b2b sales call?

So, what do you have before you make your first b2b sales call? The first meeting with a possible decision maker in the b2b sales process?

Here are the four things that you can research prior to that first meeting. These four items will give you some additional insight into figuring out the business fit between your company and the prospect or customer.

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