Eight Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Been hearing a lot of chatter about Customer Loyalty and whether it is as important as some make it out to be. Well, Grasshopper (there I go showing my age again.), yes, customer loyalty is about the  most important thing that can happen to you.

If you are not focused upon developing long term customer loyalty – well, I bet you are starting from zero business every month.

Customer loyalty means you have a consistent flow of sales created by these loyal customers who would not and will not buy from anyone but you. And, here is the kicker for that statement – most of the time, when asked why the do business with you, they cannot explain it easily – they just know your are the best for them.

So, if you are going to focus on building and developing customer loyalty, there are about eight points you must master if you want a book of loyal customers.

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When the Prospect is Nonresponsive to Your Contacts?

Okay, so you have been calling and leaving messages with a prospect and they haven’t called you back. So what do you do now?

First, do not panic or anything like that, trust me here it is not personal. It seems people today have no extra time or even down time for that matter whereby they could call you and learn about your offer. Always remember it is only business.

That being said, there is the issue of poor business choices with your voice mails, letters or email (assuming you have an email address.).

Let’s review a couple of points.

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Four Reasons to Sell to Top Level Executives

Yes, selling to someone other than a purchasing agent is what I’m talking about today. The plain truth is you must be making an effort to get to the top level executives if you want to remain in the sales game.

The internet and all these new buying at low cost gizmos are taking over the good ole boys network of showing up to sell to the purchasing agent. Taking them to play golf and three martini lunches is now being blocked by their organizations ethics groups and the negative consequences of such actions is no longer without teeth.

Okay, this is part of the new information I promised, so here it is. By selling to the top levels of executives, you can have some control over these four factors…

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