Expect Your Buyer to Recheck Their Options

One thing I’m seeing more of in the marketplace today is customers or buyers rechecking their options prior to making a decision. And, in some cases even after they have decided upon one solution – they will still reexamine the facts or options prior to finalizing a deal.

How and Where did this behavioral pattern show up?

Seems this is a byproduct of our recent economic downturn. The fear of making any type of bad decision has created a safety check before buying anything. I have even noticed it happening in our office. Decisions are being second guessed and facts are being rechecked for accurate.

Seems the only way you don’t have this issue is when you have a LONG standing relationship and track record with the same buyers and the trust level is at a peak level with proven measurable performance. Then your chances of rechecking options is low.

For the rest of us, this is a new modification to the sales process. After the buyer has moved close to the final decision point and confidence is high on your part – expect the buyer to review or check their options one more time.

What is causing this recheck situation? There seems to be several reasons and here are the four most common…

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First Time Buyer in Complex Sale – Build Trust First

Several of my clients – and myself – have been involved in the complex sell with both good and bad results. One of the key variables regarding the “bad results” category is the number of first time buyers in this group. After doing some personal research on this topic, I discovered an interesting antidote for improving your success with first time buyers.

The key is to build massive amounts of trust before attempting to move forward in the sales process. The reason is the first time buyer has no experience to relate with during the process. They have to figure it out on their own. A daunting task for the uninformed and possibly risk averse corporate type.

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