Five Methods to Grow Sales in Large Accounts

One area I’m always asked by sales managers and national account sales people, is how do I grow my business when I’m spending so much time with my existing account.

The answer is to grow the existing account using different strategies.

Now that may sound rather simplistic and well it is. Yet, I find that most b2b sales people get into a rut of doing the same things everyday with their current customers. They visit the same people, talk about the same topics and forget to look outside their box of certainty.

It is time to expand the business. First think about your customers – each one – and answer this question…

Am I currently selling all I can to this customer?

If the answer for any account is no. Then, the next question is…

What are you doing about it?

Now, you need to go back over the list and use a different type of question.

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