Does Your Mindset Impact Your B2B Sales Performance?

Here is a topic most b2b sales people seem to ignore. It seems to me it is a topic they don’t understand for the most part.

Yet, your actual sales results plus your ability to successfully change to meet the new world “norms” requires an understanding of the impact of Your Mindset upon your results.

For most people this is a subject that appears to be complex and time consuming to fully understand. Then there is the issue of

“okay, I believe mindset is important, but I don’t know how to use it effectively, develop it or change it for increased b2b sales success.”

And, truthfully I was in this school of thought for years. I knew it was important since most of the self-help books in the late 90’s and the decade of 2000’s talked about self-limiting beliefs being the major blocker to success.

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Six Steps for Growing Referrals for Your Business

Recently I spoke about getting referrals as an important part of improving or growing your b2b sales opportunities. After I mentioned this, I get a couple of questions about how to improve their referral process.

Since referrals have been known as the Golden Chain for Sales Success, it has probably been the least understood sales growth process available.

Look the referral process can only begin when you start it – by asking for a referral. Most of your customers know plenty of other business people who could use what you have to offer. The key is to get to them before your competition does.

Enter the referral.

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