News Flash – Talent or Potential is NOT High Performance

I was reading about how JaMarcus Russell was cut by the Oakland Raiders football team. He was the number one draft in the NFL a short three years ago.

He possessed all the talent anyone could ask for in an NFL quality Quarterback – size ( 6 foot 6 inches and over 250 lbs) and arm strength ( could throw a football the length of the field) and a history of success – (High school state championships, All State, Lead LSU to two SEC championships and two major bowl victories). Yet, something happened to this possible superstar – he failed in the Pro ranks.

So, if Talent or Potential cannot automatically create high performance – what can product high performance? …sales performance?

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Are You Curious Enough?

Regarding sales people, one trait that I have noticed with the best sales people – including the sales superstars – is the trait of being curious. Why is curiosity important?

Curiosity is the natural need to discover reasons or just information about things we see, hear or touch during the day. For sales people, this is a very positive trait because a curious sales person is one who will ask more questions. More questions leads to new discoveries and information that can impact the progress of the sales process.

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