How to Learn if You Have a Business Fit with a Prospect?

Last week I had a couple of people ask me about “how do you know if you have a business fit with a prospect?” Which I thought was a good question and there are probably a few others out there wanting to know the answer to this question.

So, let’s discuss a business fit. What exactly is a business fit? I feel there are actually two levels to consider when answering this question.

The first one is about having a ROI for your outcome to assist the potential customer or prospect in making a decision. Therefore, this answer is more about business acumen and knowing the financial results of your offering. This is more of a logical approach.

The second is -in my opinion – more important to discover and reflect upon during your visits with a potential customer. What I’m talking about here is more of a psychographical point of view. This is about the potential customer’s ability to fit with your company and especially your offer.

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9 Points to Uncover about Your Customer

Sometimes in the rush to move through the sales process and get to the close we forget to learn important facts about the customer’s organization and the direction lead by their executives.

Learning about the organization’s direction and management strategies will allow you to make a better offering and win the account.

I believe you need to uncover about nine key items relative to both direction and strategies of your potential customer’s organization. Learning these points will allow you to create a business plan or fit to the customer’s vision.

Here are the nine points to uncover from your customer…

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