Five Common Traits of a Qualified Potential Customer

Okay, I know – a potential customer is a prospect. I enjoy using my own terms even if I’m sharing the five most common traits of the prospect for you.

First, remember this important statement…

You must be standing in front of qualified prospects if you want to succeed in b2b sales.

Unqualified prospective customers are all over the map in your wasting or losing valuable time. And, these people are really good at wasting your time.

As a b2b sales person, you need to be paying attention and locating the qualified buyers who can make a serious difference in your b2b sales success.

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Opportunity Plans – Questions to Ask Yourself

Whenever I get into a situation where my b2b sales pipeline is getting a little slow, I know it is time to begin thinking about where are my current opportunities. As I make a list of potential targets – both current customers and targeted prospects – I’m looking for the best opportunities.

Now, best opportunities actually depends upon your current level of business.

If you have little business or are new to b2b sales, then you need a strong – qualified is best – list of potential customers to focus your efforts.

If you have a current book of business and just need a pick me up of new opportunities to fill your sales pipeline, then include current customers with expansion opportunities as well as some prospects – again, targeted and qualified prospects are much better than random list of names.

Okay, back to the topic today. Your need a structure of targeted questions for each company placed on your targeted opportunity list. And, here are the best four to use…

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