Limit Detail Sales Questions with Decision Makers

I recently watched a sales person asking a string of detail questions with a decision maker. In my mind, I was wondering about the competency of this sales person – and I’m certain the decision maker was thinking the same thing.

Then I became amused by the sales person’s complete lack of understanding of what is important in the questioning process. After a few moments this emotion moved to frustration knowing that other sales people are doing the same thing and making it more difficult to get time with real decision makers.

Why does it become more difficult to get time with real decision makers? Because the decision makers do not want to waste their valuable time talking to incompetent sales people who have not done their homework before the meeting.

Let me explain what needs to happen more often…

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Number One Skill in B2B Sales is Questioning

To join the ranks of Sales Superstar, You must learn to ask Questions – early, often and late. I realize that some of you believe the early, often and late is about closing the sales – sorry, that is old school selling! Today’s superstar sales person masters this skill and uses it to gain a competitive advantage.

The big issue is this – the average sales person has a tendency to talk too much in a sales situation. Yes, they talk too much and actually bore or confuse the customer. Why? Because the customer also has an opinion about how things are going and what is important to them. Remember this:

“The Customer Will Believe Their Thoughts over Your Statements!”

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