Seven Types of B2B Selling

I keep getting questions about the types of b2b selling. Then I get additional questions regarding how do the different types match up. Or what is important with each type or model of selling?

So today I want to clear the air and tell you about the seven types of b2b selling you can use. And, I will give some background to each type. What I will not do is label all the different sales training and development packages. Each seems to have added their name to one of the original b2b sales methods.

So, here you are – the seven different b2b sales methods…

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Two Key Strategies for Relationship Selling

While doing some research on relationship selling, I ran across these two key strategies several times. Since most b2b sales people want to have good relationships with their customers and prospects, I felt it would be good to pass on these simple strategies.

Now I know several of you believe two strategies is not enough for b2b sales success. Okay, true when talking about all the different types of b2b selling. However, what I’m talking about is – only relationship selling.

When focusing upon successful b2b relationship selling, you really only need to focus upon two key strategies. So here are the two key strategies for relationship selling.

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How to Sell a Buyer – Levels of Buying

Today I want to share some valuable information to assist you in determining how to sell any buyer you are dealing with now.

I have been asked by sales people – how do I know if traditional selling, relationship selling or consultative selling is the right method to use? Great question with a simple – not easy – answer.

First, the best way to determine the best method is to determine what the buyer knows about what you are selling. You want to determine the level of knowledge and working experience a buyer has for your product or service. How often have they purchased this type of product or service in the past? In other words, what is their experience factor with your product or service?

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