Improve Your Trade Show Results

I was having a long dialogue with several clients during the past two weeks and the subject of Trade Shows came up. Seems there is concern over the return on investment with participating in trade shows.

So I did a little research to check out what the experts were saying about Trade Shows and got some interesting information.

So, first, trade shows are still considered a valuable investment due to three factors…

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Trade Show Tips for B2B Sales People

Occasionally I get a question or requests from a B2B sales person asking for tips for manning the trade booth at expos and trade association conferences.

First a couple of turn off behaviors:

  • Attacking or Pouncing on an attendee in the walkway
  • Yelling or Hawking your product or service like a TV or Cable ad pitchman
  • Sitting in the back of the booth and doing nothing to interact with a possible customer or prospect
  • Putting a table between the booth and the walkway – forcing the attendee to remain outside your space
  • Looking bored or disinterested in interacting with anyone

There are probably some others, however, I want to get to the good stuff. The tips to improve your trade show success. So here are the eight positive ways to influence your trade show success…

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