Does Your Mindset Impact Your B2B Sales Performance?

Here is a topic most b2b sales people seem to ignore. It seems to me it is a topic they don’t understand for the most part.

Yet, your actual sales results plus your ability to successfully change to meet the new world “norms” requires an understanding of the impact of Your Mindset upon your results.

For most people this is a subject that appears to be complex and time consuming to fully understand. Then there is the issue of

“okay, I believe mindset is important, but I don’t know how to use it effectively, develop it or change it for increased b2b sales success.”

And, truthfully I was in this school of thought for years. I knew it was important since most of the self-help books in the late 90’s and the decade of 2000’s talked about self-limiting beliefs being the major blocker to success.

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Four Critical Points for Presentations and Proposals

Today I want to share a two-for with you covering both your presentation points and your proposal or conceptual agreement section. This points are critical relative to your persuasion skills and particularly your ability to lock down your credibility with your customer.

By the way, these four critical points all require you to be using the Questioning Model of b2b Sales as your primary sales strategy. When you are using this model on a routine basis, your ability to cover the four critical points will become very simple.

And, as I stated in the title and knowing how to deliver these four critical points makes your presentations and your proposal sing in the ears of your customers.

So, here are the four critical points you will need to use in every presentation and proposal to increase your probability of b2b sales success…

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Eight Words or Phrases Hurting Your Credibility

Okay, finally my world is getting back to normal after the lost of my computer. There appears to be bad people in many places. However, this is not the subject of the day.

In recent discussions with various buyer types I have learned they have “red flagged” certain words or phrases and immediately assume the b2b sales person is only trying to “sell” them a product or service. They go further and state these terms in their opinion is fluff or smoke for the b2b sales person’s mirrors.

So, I began to ask about the words they believe are negative relative to building a trust based relationship. Some of the terms are obvious and a couple truly surprised me, yet, I feel these buyer types were truthful and if it is their perception – then it is real for them.

Here are the eight words you may want to stop using when talking with your customers today…

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