Four Critical Points for Presentations and Proposals

Today I want to share a two-for with you covering both your presentation points and your proposal or conceptual agreement section. This points are critical relative to your persuasion skills and particularly your ability to lock down your credibility with your customer.

By the way, these four critical points all require you to be using the Questioning Model of b2b Sales as your primary sales strategy. When you are using this model on a routine basis, your ability to cover the four critical points will become very simple.

And, as I stated in the title and knowing how to deliver these four critical points makes your presentations and your proposal sing in the ears of your customers.

So, here are the four critical points you will need to use in every presentation and proposal to increase your probability of b2b sales success… 

  1. Evidence you understand their issues
    Take a positive position on understanding their specific wants and needs. Show you understand their current situation and relate their vision for the future. Show your understanding of the industry they compete within and most importantly how they can impact their customers.
  2. Specific Solutions to Solve Their Specific Problems
    This is no time for talking about your generic solutions or using some boilerplate presentation or proposal. Customers always think their problems or situation is totally unique to them, therefore the solution should represent a specific solution designed just for their situation.
  3. Success Stories to Show Your Competency
    This is the tricky part – showing your competency within blowing your horn too loud. Here you want to be able to show experience and expertise in the execution of your solution. Showing you have done it before is important in building confidence and trust that you can deliver the results and outcomes the customer wants. The use of success stories, related industry testimonials and customer reviews of your ability to solve their issues will show your competency. Avoid the language of losers – world class, best of breed, and industry leader – with no proof or specific references.
  4. Show Real Value for Choosing You
    Now is the time to seal the deal using explicit value statements, proof of success, risk reversal and return on investment. The customers needs to feel certain, you will deliver the results and outcomes you have shared with them. Your key in this area is to keep track of your success stories and track ROI or time payback from your past solutions. The best examples are from work you have already done for the customer – especially if they calculated the returns for you.

There you have the big four points to present or propose. The better you understand the importance of this information and how to use the information effectively – the more accounts you will win. Enjoy your b2b sales success starting today.

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