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Rapport is About Listening to Their Words

Recently, I was coaching a sales person who could not understand why she was losing so many sales opportunities. She explained to me how see used the same sales process, basically the same techniques and methods, yet, she had major differences in her sales results.

Then she said the major words relative to her issue. She stated that sometimes everything flowed with no issues, while on other occasions – she felt a block to anything she said or the prospect would just look at her as if she was speaking a foreign language. This is important part. Even if you are both speaking the same language, if you using difference representational systems there can be total misunderstandings.

Here is what I’m talking about. People have three primary representational systems – visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Actually there are two others, yet, there are rare except for certain jobs. Getting back on track here, if you are speaking in visual terms and the other person is auditory – you can be mismatching and yes, you will have difficulty in understanding what is being said.

There are two primary methods to discover which representational systems are being used.

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B2B Sales Qualifying is ALL about Needs

Had an interesting discussion with a sales manager last week concerning how to truly qualify a prospect. The sales manager wanted to discuss all the financial issues and demographics of prospects. I listened and asked a few questions, then asked about the role of needs in qualifying a prospect.

Our discussion got a little slower after that question as the sales manager began to think about the role of need in the qualifying process. He began to see just how important needs are in determining a real prospect.

Let’s look into this real life concept and connect a few dots.

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Are B2B Sales Getting Tougher?

Okay, today you will have to answer these five questions as true or false…

  1. Selling is tougher today than ever before?
  2. Selling is more complex than ever before?
  3. Customers are more demanding and aggressive than ever before?
  4. There is more competition than ever before?
  5. The Stress levels of b2b sales people is at the highest levels in years.

Alright, are you feeling depressed after thinking about these five questions? Do you believe all five are true?

Well, you may not like my response to your perception of the truth. I believe if you believe something to be true, then it is – to you! There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, it is perception.

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Let Go of the Past if You Want B2B Sales Growth

This can be a very tough concept or even thought for most b2b sales people who have experienced success in the past. I know because I’m living in the effects of remaining in the past for too long.

Joe Calloway, a great person, business man and keynote speaker, starting telling me to “let go of the pass” about three years ago. And, he was not kidding as he walked the talk – eliminating all the old stuff in his warehouse. I mean he just decided one day to left go of the past so he could move forward in the present. What a novel, yet, outstanding idea.

Being a slow learned, it took me another year and a half to realize he was really on to something. The old bread and butter sales techniques and products were no longer producing any results. Now, that is when it really gets scary as you realize it is time to change and move into the “unknown zone.” You now the place where nothing is given or certain – everything is new and you have must learn new methods, develop new strategies and sell in the market different from the last twenty years (my time in the field.)

Okay, as I am still in the transition of major change, I believe it is time to share six issues that can take a major toll of your ability to stay true to your new goals, strategies and targets. These are the big six standing in most everyone’s path as we negotiate our pathway to better results, change and improving lifestyle.

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Five Self Made Destructive Mindsets

Often I am asked by a sales manager to coach a sales person who is not meeting their performance goals or standards. Sometimes I’m told straight out that the sales person has lose their motivation or drive to be successful.

After assessing the individual and reviewing all the data and information provided by the sales manager, I begin the coaching process. Using questions to open up dialogue and trust, an interesting pattern begins to unfold, the sales person has the skill set and knowledge to be successful, yet their results indicate another issue.

A majority of the time I find three major factors in play…

  1. The Sales Person is Missing a Key Skill which can be developed.
  2. The Sales Person is a total Mismatch to the Sales Position thus a lack of performance.
  3. The Sales Person has a set of beliefs or a pattern of destructive mindsets which need special coaching. ( refer to Winning Mindset for Sales )

When working with sales people in the third group, I have found five self made destructive mindsets causing the majority of the poor performance. Here are the five most common self-made mindsets…

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Ten Fatal Flaws of B2B Sales Presentations to Avoid

Sales Presentations remain the top method or skill you need to win over prospects or to take a customer to the next level of success. Therefore, it is an area you need to focus your attention. Learning how to make superior presentations means also knowing what not to do during your b2b sales presentations.

To assist you I want to share the Big 10 Mistakes people make during actual sales presentations. These mistakes lead to losing the business, sale or the account. Remember, your credibility is on the line every time you make the most of each opportunity – making certain to avoid these ten mistakes…

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Lose the Word “Why” in B2B Questions

This is a bonus b2b sales tip today. A fatal flaw in the world of asking questions is to use the word “Why” at the beginning of the question.

I know, you have been using the “Why” questions for years and the “Why” question has been used on you for years. So, what is the reason for losing the word “Why?”

First, let’s look at the background of this word as it used in questions. The primary reason we ask this question is honestly to learn about the reasons for a decision or choice.

Second, the problem comes in the form of the answer. 99% of the time, the answer is only a justification for the choice or decision. This is where the results get off track.

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Soften Your Questions to Lower Buyer Resistance

Today I want to show you how to soften your questions to get improved responses from your buyer. There are ways to ask questions and there are ways not to ask questions. Yet, the one thing that is very important is Questions Open the Door to Your Success.

Therefore, you need to understand how and what type of questions to ask. Today, however, I going to stick to one basic principle regarding questions – how to soften the questions to get better responses from your buyer by lowering the resistance to answering to your questions.

First, let’s agree questions are the way to succeed in B2B sales. You must be able to ask very good questions to learn about your buyers needs and wants. Questions help you understand the current and desired levels of service they are looking forward to getting from their partners. Questions uncover the issues, problems and consequences of the problems that create the sense of urgency to buy your solution. Questions can stop the stall process and get the sales process moving again.

As you look at the above list of reasons, you can see there must be a large number of questions you will need to ask. This becomes a problem when the delivery of the questions become to harsh, to aggressive, to fast and to loud. In other words, if the buyer begins to feel they are being interrogated like a felon on the witness stand the sales process will come to a quick halt.

Thus, the need to soften the questions for the long run. Let’s look at the two ways you can soften your questions…

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B2B Sales Tips – Gaining Rapport on the Phone

Since every b2b sales person I know has to use the phone to contact prospects and customer on a daily basis, I thought it would be an excellent idea to share an important b2b sales tips regarding gaining rapport with only your voice.

Yes, you can gain rapport using your voice as the primary tool. In fact, if you choose to ignore this advice today – well, good luck in your b2b sales efforts because you will truly need luck. If you have no rapport with a prospect or customer, you are limiting your level of trust building with these people. So, as the DI Sargent says to the soldier – Pay Attention or Lose it!!

Enough of the jokes and stuff, here is the key to gaining rapport on the phone – voice matching.

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