Are B2B Sales Getting Tougher?

Okay, today you will have to answer these five questions as true or false…

  1. Selling is tougher today than ever before?
  2. Selling is more complex than ever before?
  3. Customers are more demanding and aggressive than ever before?
  4. There is more competition than ever before?
  5. The Stress levels of b2b sales people is at the highest levels in years.

Alright, are you feeling depressed after thinking about these five questions? Do you believe all five are true?

Well, you may not like my response to your perception of the truth. I believe if you believe something to be true, then it is – to you! There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, it is perception.  

This perception then forms your mindset about the world of b2b sales and can have a major impact upon your sales success.

Believe me when I say – your mindset has more to do with your overall success than you may feel. The logical mind in all b2b sales people are shouting at the top of their lungs – it’s a recession stupid. You cannot be successful in this business environment. REALLY!

Then tell me how several companies are setting record sales and profits during this time of recession?

As I talk to people around the country, I get interesting responses. There are some people who are having record sales years – I mean 25% t0 %0% to over a 200% increase in sales results. While others are depressed and moaning about how poor the economy is and how their customers are being overly aggressive and killing their efforts to succeed.

Interesting how the world works. In the same economy, some b2b sales people are setting records while others are thinking of changing careers – if they thought they could in this economy!

You see the difference is only thing – the mindsets of individuals involved. There is no rocket science to this, only a basic psychological understanding of how the brain works and how beliefs and mindsets work. They – beliefs and mindsets – are either helping you to succeed or causing you to accept failure and bad results.

Some people refer to this element as self-confidence. I just call it your personal belief patterns and mindset toward success. Being a big believer in the Law of Cause and Effect, I know beliefs are a powerful motivator regarding actions and accomplishments. Without a strong belief in success, you are like a willow tree just blowing in the wind – never growing tall like the giant oak trees.

Learn how to use the Power of Mindset to win more sales. For a better understanding of how beliefs and mindsets help or hinder you, go to this website and read both the technical info – how the brain works – and the power of beliefs upon our results. Here is a link to the site – Winning Mindsets for Sales. com.

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