Do You Need an “It” Factor for B2B Sales Success?

Recently I noted several NFL quarterbacks losing their jobs as well as a couple of college quarterbacks losing their scholarships. Each time the reason was “they didn’t have the it factor for winning.”

At first I found this a strange statement, then I looked into this interesting reasoning for success on a football field. Then I began to think about b2b sales people and do they need an “it” factor to be successful?

I believe the answer is “yes” to this question. B2B sales people need to have an internal “it” factor to keep driving their personal and sales team success. 

I have had some time to reflect on this interesting topic and think about the superstars I have had the opportunity to work with during the years. And, yes, they all had something that I would call an “it” factor.

So what is an “it” factor? Well, first it has nothing to do with technology or computers. Yet, it is a form of mindset – a winning mindset if you may – leading these individuals to continuous success in the sales field.

This winning mindset is a form of self-confidence and alignment with their inner thoughts and beliefs. In other words, they are able to drive success due to their intense level of alignment between their thoughts and actions. A form of spiritual alignment for sales success.

This has nothing to do with cults or religion, yet, it is a mental mindset issue sales people need to know more about if they want more success in life. Remember, I started this discussion by referencing football quarterbacks who were losing their jobs or status due to poor “it factor” skills. This sounds like a mindset to me. Think about the Winner’s Edge which kicks in at the just the right moment in time to create a win.

B2B sales people need to master their personal thoughts and call upon their winning mindset whenever they need it. Whether you are aligning confidence with a customer, prospect or internal sales team member, you will need the “it” factor to win your share of accounts and opportunities.

If you need more information on this subject, check out this website – Winning Mindset for Sales . com. The science behind the alignment between beliefs and actions becomes easy to understand and benefit from.

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