Two Ways to Lose the Emotional Win

Earlier I wrote about the importance of emotional wins and three ways to build on an emotional win. This tip will cover two primary mistakes used by sales people to lose a emotional win advantage and the sale.

If you are not familiar with the concept of emotional wins on the part of decision makers, go back to the post under “Influencing the Sale” and how emotional wins get the business.

There are two primary mistakes b2b sales people keeping them from winning business. These are… 

  1. Thinking Business Reasons Automatic translate into Emotional Wins – This is the number one mistake made by b2b sales people. All this sales person talks about is the business results and the logic of buying from them AND assuming this is the only thing a decision maker wants to know.
    If you do this activity, you have the cart ahead of the horse. Show the emotional win first and use the logical business result to justify their emotional decision. This is how the superstars become superstars in selling. They influence the buyer using the emotional win or reason to buy. And, since all decisions are 100% emotional based, you will win more often.
  2. Assuming Your Emotional Win is Their Emotional Win – A poor assumption is the killer of decision making and good choice. If you assume the buyer has the same emotional win as you do, then you will be wrong more often than you want to be. It is very important to learn what the personal emotional win is each buyer. There is no standard emotional reaction in the buying or decision process – only personal reasons.
    The key for you is to ask a combination of questions to uncover both the business result needed and how the decision maker personal wins by choosing your solution. Never assume anything, ask questions or get a coach inside the organization to guide you to the personal emotional win.

There you have the primary mistakes and the methods to keep you from making these costly mistakes.

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