Emotional Wins Get the Business

One thing that continuously amazes me is the inattention to the emotional wins needed for a “person” to make a buying decision. When I ask a sales person, how does your customer win or get an emotional win in your offering? I get a deer in the headlights look most of the time.

So what is the importance of an emotional win? It is the reason, the driving force why the person wants to buy from you. In the absence of an emotional win 0r personal win, the person then turns to the business logical reason. This exercise usually turns to the lowest bid or price.

So, how do you get an emotional win?  

Here are three ways gain an emotional win.

  1. Infer the Win to the Customer. Explain how they win as well as their company by buying from you. In the traditional sales training this is sometimes referred to as the “hot button”, yet, it could be anything the decision maker sees as helpful to their position or their life. (Note: We are talking about legal and ethical methods and reasoning rather than illegal or unethical items like kickbacks, etc.)
  2. Asking Directly -Here you actually ask the prospect or customer how they would feel like a winner if their problem went away. When asking this type of question, you must use tact and be sincere in your efforts to understand how they would win. If the prospect or customer feels you are insincere in your line of questioning, they will shut down and give you corporate clean answers.
  3. Get Coaching – This type of coach is the person inside the customer / prospect company who wants you to win. The coach knows what is going on inside the company and is willing to provide you with hints or tips regarding what is important to the decision maker. In business-to-business (B2B) sales, it is most important to have a coach to feed you information and knowledge about the inner workings of the organization, political and power players, and what could be possible hot buttons or emotional wins for the decision makers.
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  1. Great tips. I agree – people forget that folks buy based on emotion. Yes, you have to have a great product/service but if they don’t see or “feel” any value than your sale is over.

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