Sales Tips – Be a Low-Risk Provider

In the world of B2B sales you will find yourself selling to a group, team or committee rather than a single buyer. This is the true meaning on complex selling. Why is it complex? Because you are dealing with a number of people – each possessing their own personal agenda regarding the buying decision.

So here are sales tips that will get you a higher probability to increase sales in your territory. It is the key to selling to large or mid-size corporate structures. 

Become the low risk provider.

A couple of very important things here. First, I did not say to become the low cost provider. That strategy will get you into trouble for two reasons. The first reason is you will reduce your profits or even lose money with this sales strategy. The second reason is you will evidently find a competitor who can and will beat your price.

There is another way to win with corporate accounts.

Sales Tips to Become the Low RISK Provider.

This means you will provide the following for the customer or prospect.

  • Be the safe choice provider for the account.
  • Create a chaos free transition
  • Allow the Individuals in the decision process to Win
  • Use words creating a safe and secure direction
  • No decision maker would be hurt by the decision
  • You are reliable and dependable with every order
  • There are No mistakes – zero defects in product and performance

If you offer the above list to a committee, team or group, you will have a higher probability of sales success with the corporate account.

Become the low risk provider who is the safe choice provider and watch your sales increase every day.

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