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Okay, here is a quick sales tip for learning about competitors activities. Or to learn who else is calling on your clients. I have used these direct sales tips in several industries and have taught clients to use this sales technique to learn who is active with your customer or prospects.

Here is the key sales technique – Check out the visitor logs at the main desk. This is a great source of information about who is activity visiting the account. 

Sales Tips for checking the visitor log give the direct sales person an advantage in the marketplace. Here is how the sales tips work…

  1. Who is Visiting the account – take your time and review this list if you have the opportunity. You will find out who is visiting your customer or prospect and when they visited.
  2. Who are they Seeing – If you recognize the name of the “vendor” on the list learn who they are visiting and the department these people are working in. This information is like a networking tool or organizational chart – it gives you departments and names of individuals.
  3. Your Top Sales tips – use a little trickery when you fill out the visitors log. Use  initials for your company rather than the full name. Use initials for your name if possible. And only write down the department you are visiting rather than the person – if possible. You don’t want your competitors using you to gain an advantage in the direct sales game.

Use all the sales techniques you can to learn more about your customer or prospects than your competition. Information, names and knowledge can be a huge weapon in the sales game – use it wisely and you will have more sales success.

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