Magic Wand Technique is, well, Magical

Need to learn how a customer or prospect really feels about any part of their business? Have you tried the “Magic Wand Technique?” It has a Magical outcome – the customer or prospect provides you with valuable information about their current situation.

The Magic Wand Technique has been around for years, yet, it appears to be forgotten by most sales people and it is a winning technique to get valuable information. Here’s how it works… 

” If I had a magic wand here and I offered to use it for you to solve the one biggest issue you have today, and remember there is only one bolt of energy left in my magic wand, so make it count -what would you want to fix?”

Now this little corny expression has given me more information to use in solving my client or prospects problem. That is the power of this sales technique – it gets results.

Be prepared to hear information that is important and timely. Explore the issue using additional questions to gain clarity and understanding. And always remember, a customer or prospect is a human being and they really do want to make their biggest problems disappear. So treat their response with respect and they will be agreeable to shared more important information with you in the future.

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Voss Graham

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