Expect Minimal Interest from Prospects

A large number of sales people have difficulty understanding that prospects will have minimal interest in them, what they are offering or the company they represent. Now this is really hard for some high ego sales people, who quite frankly feel the world needs to revolve around them! Do you know someone like this?

The reality is…You Should Expect Minimal Interest from Prospects.

Here are the reasons you need to expect minimal interest from a prospect: 

  • They Don’t Know You – They really don’t know who you are and have no track record in order to trust you at this point. Your focus must be on gaining their trust using rapport building techniques with a heavy emphasis upon questioning skills. This is the fastest way to gain interest – is to show interest in others.
  • They Don’t Know Your Products or Services – If they have not used your products or services then they have no benchmark or experience to compare too. It is important to discuss benefits and then have testimonials from people or companies – they know – to validate your “claims” of performance. Again, the statements should be in benefit or what it means to me form rather than details or features.
  • They Hear From Others – Everyday – In other words, you job is to differentiate your products or services from the competition. What makes you unique enough that I (the prospect) wants to know more about you and your offer? Appeal to their curiosity rather than giving direct information. Create a desire for more information creating more opportunities for you.
  • They Don’t Know Your Company – As surprising as that may sound to some of you, some prospects really don’t know your company. The reasons vary from being new on the job, first time visit with low awareness levels, you are with a new or very small company, and you are working in a new territory why no one knows your company. New territory opening can be difficult with a lack of name recognition. If you working with a Known Brand ( Example is IBM) you will seldom have this issue. Yet, a no name or limited Brand appeal with make your job more complex as you will have to offset this lack of security of working with a known company. This a big challenge for many sales people and their selling and rapport skills must be well above average for success.

Finally, as a sales person, never take a prospects initial attitude toward you as a personal thing. It is often based upon a lack of name recognition and a fear of making a bad decision using an unknown provider. Again, the key is to quickly become the “low risk” provider. This will lead to higher levels of achievement, sales and success.

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