Speak Your Prospect’s Language

Today I’m sharing a sales tip I learned from a veteran and very successful sales person that will give you an advantage when going after a new customer. It is a simple tactic, yet you must do your homework before meeting with the prospect.

This tactic is all about making it easy for the prospect to understand your offer by speaking their language.

Here’s the essence of this sales technique. 

First, you must understand that prospects know their products and the names of the products they are currently using. They do not have the time to do homework on getting to know the names and SKUs of your products.

Second, make it easy for the prospect to know what products you are talking about by converting their names and product numbers to your products. This is where most sales people make a big mistake by talking about their products – using their product Id’s and names rather than the ones used by the prospect. Yes, I know you are selling your products rather than the competitors, yet, that is the point. If a prospect has been using a competitors product for several years they are very familiar with the names and numbers of these products. Convert your product names and numbers when discussing your advantages to show the prospect you understand their business.

Third, your proposal or offer sheet should show the old product name and ID with  your product name and ID number so the prospect can easily understand what you are selling. This also helps they in the comparison phrase of the buying process. It also shows the extra effort you are willing to provide to win the prospects business – points for you!

Finally, when you win the contract it is now time to assist the accounting department or procurement group at the prospects company by assisting in the translation of the which products are replacing the competitors products. Help them with the ID and number conversions – this will give you more bonus points since you will be making their job easier. It never hurts to have numerous functional areas showing confidence in you and your team.

Remember, it is your job to help the prospect understand your offers and make the ease of doing business with you notable in a positive way. These actions will endear you to several functional departments who will want you to stay for a long time. Again, there is nothing like having a competitive advantage due to the ease of doing business with you and your company. Make it happen.

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