Are You Using the One Percent Solution?

Are you using the one percent solution in your personal growth as a sales person? This question is important – if you really want to be good or excellent in selling.

The best sales people are always learning things to improve their sales success. How often do you learn new things about sales, selling to difficult people, industry trends of your products and your customers, new technology in processes or industry? Get my drift here. Learning is not an option – it is mandatory.

So what is this one percent solution? 

The one percent solution is a simple method designed to help you grow faster and quicker than ever before. So, do you want to double your abilities in the next 90 days? It really is simple – yet, it requires some effort on your part. The true is the people I know who have used this method have become the sales leaders in their fields – want to join? Here is the method…

Start by identifying your current levels of strengths and weaknesses in selling skills. Be honest in your assessment or use a sales skills test or assessment.

Make a commitment to improve just one percent per day in one area or skill. Then take action and make the improvement. Interesting note here – usually when you improve one area of skill it automatically improves other areas thus multiplying the effect of the improvement.

Commit to improving one skill per day by a factor of one percent for the next 90 days.

Due to the multiplying effect on changing one skills per day your improvement in sales success should be in the area of 100% improvement in your sales skills. This will result in a higher success rate and overall sales success.

After the three months, you customers will see the improvement and most importantly the confidence you will show. The confidence comes from knowing you possess better skills than before and your actions will be positive – for both you and your customer. A confident sales person is a true selling machine – so start today.

If you need information on how to improve your skills contact us about sales skills test assessments or available methods for improving your sales skills or a reading list for sales or personal productivity training. Have a great day and start your one percent improvement process today.

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