Confidence Makes It All Work for You

This is the final step in becoming a sales superstar. Actually, the real question is: “Is Confidence really the First step rather than tenth?” There are several reason for Confidence being the first step and like wise there are several reasons it is the tenth. No matter which side of the debate you are on – Confidence is the lead element in your ultimate success.

First let’s look at the reason it could be first on the 10 step list. Confidence in yourself is the key for wanting to achieve anything in life. It is the foundation used to set believable goals and expectations for things you can do and achieve during your life. It gives you the willpower to start new things and expect positive results. The “You Can Do It!” mental attitude takes the front stage of your mind and drives you forward – even during times of stress or adversity (like the economic conditions of today!). This confidence stands by you and supports your actions and mental well-being. Lack of confidence is the number one reason for failing. In sales this is particularly true. People with no confidence do not call on customers or prospects in a timely manner, say things that do not resonate well with customers, blame others including the customers for their lack of success and do not volunteer for role plays or application exercise (proactive wording for role plays!).

Confidence also gives us the motivation to continuously move forward in our improvement process. We keep moving forward, learning more about each step on the road to becoming a sales superstar. A lack of confidence keeps in the old rut of performance activities or the old “Status Que” actions – meaning no or little improvement.

Okay, it’s time for the reason I picked it as the tenth step. As you know this has been a ten part series on “Becoming a Sales Superstar.” This is the glue that makes it all work for you.

Therefore, knowing that confidence is a key for all the steps – it is the sum total of all the steps for becoming a sales superstar. It is the actual movement from a positive “thinker” position of confidence to a higher level of positive “knowing” position of confidence.

This level of confidence is having the balance between knowing how to do things and knowing that you also must improve everyday to hold that position of strength. The moment you let off the pedal of progress, you could slip in your performance – however, you are still confident that you will use these “moments” as opportunities to reassess and progress.

I hope you have enjoyed this ten part series as much as I have in sharing this information with you. Please take a moment to comment on any (or all) the steps to becoming a sales superstar. I would appreciate knowing how you feel about these steps and share any experience you have had with any of the steps.

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