Think Like An Owner for Sales Success

This is the one step that could be titled “Think like an Owner” “Coordinating Results” or “Customer Satisfaction Goals”. There are important information and processes to follow with each of the three titles. Yet, I choose the Think like an Owner because it encompasses all three.

So what does “Think Like an Owner” really mean? An owner is fully committed to their business. The Owner has to balance all the functional areas of the company to get the best results. An Owner depends upon their customers to stay in business. And, decisions must be made for the overall good rather than personal agenda. All of these factors are supported by the superstar sales people. So the Sales Superstar connects all the dots and builds a business rather than just making a sales. Too many sales people only focus on “making the sale” and little else. So what do the sales superstars do?

First, the sales superstar connects all the dots with functional groups to ensure the customer’s needs are met during the sales process. The Superstar knows that the sale is meaningless if the customer has issues with any functional areas – shipping, finance, support and follow-up. Realize the larger the sale, the higher risk to the buyer – the more the buyer needs your attention in the early stages. Average sales people think that handing off all responsibility for follow-up and execution is not their responsibility. Owners take responsibility for their success.

Second, Coordinating the functional areas between your company and the customer’s company is important. The Sales Superstars build relationships at all levels of their company and the customer’s company. Introducing key players for perfect execution of the start-up or old business relationships is essential to every-one’s success. Most importantly is getting others involved in the sales process which increases the chances of success in developing an account.

Third, Sales Superstars are concerned about their customer’s satisfaction level with their company. Why? Because customer satisfaction is directly related to long term accounts and customer loyalty. Without these factors in place – the sales person is continuously developing new business without increasing effectiveness and profitability. Owners think growth, happy – satisfied customers and profitability.

Ask yourself – If I was the owner – what would I do differently to be successful at building this business? Use your answers to clarify your role in becoming a sales superstar and start thinking like an owner.

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