1 thought on “Sales Planning using Seven Sales Measures

  1. Great stuff!! Very thorough and insightful.

    As the (very) old saying goes, “Litera Scripta Manet”- The written word endures!

    As a Sales Manager here in North Carolina, I want to share a great tool that I use constantly in the recognition category. This website (and others) are filled with so many great ideas and quotes, and I want to be able to share these with the employees at my company.

    When it’s time to recognize someone for their performance, I take one of these quotes (I keep a long, ongoing list), and rather than giving them a standard old plaque (never again!), I put the quote on a DYI – Design Your Inspiration from Successories, since they are customizable AND personalizable. They are handsomely framed and the photo choices are great. It’s made employee recognition much more meaningful AND appreciated.The website is http://www.dyi.successories.com Thanks again. Anne

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