Success Mindset #4 – It’s All About the Customer

This is the fourth of a four part series on Success Mindsets for greater B2B sales success. When you use these four mindsets wisely and often, you will join the ranks of the B2B Sales Superstars.

The Fourth Success Mindset is…

It is ALL About the Customer

This Success Mindset should be well known and used every day, except it is not used by the vast majority of the b2b sales people I speak with today. Why? Because most b2b sales people are focused upon the sales of their product or service rather than the needs or desires of the customer.

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Success Mindset #3 – Practice Makes Perfect

This is the third part of a four part series on Success Mindsets and how you will win more often when you use them correctly.

The Third Success Mindset is…

Practice Makes Perfect

This is the most over looked of the success mindsets. Why? Because it takes effort and discipline to think like a real winner.

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Success Mindset #2 – Everything is Possible

This the second part of a four part series on having a success mindset for your b2b sales career.

The second success mindset is…

Everything is Possible

Now, I know there are some people saying this is just a Pollyanna statement could not be true. And, if you truly believe that everything is not possible – then you are also right. Confused? Read on to learn more.

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Success Mindsets #1 – You Can Improve.

In an effort to give you insight into how to have a better 2011, I felt it would be great to get you thinking about four success mindsets that can drive your personal and business success during 2011. Your ability to win more b2b sales will depend upon your complete understanding of these four mindset principals.

The first success mindset is simply…

You Can Improve Anything You Truly Want to Improve.

This statement is based upon the concept of continuous improvement and continuous learning. Both are important and will lead you to higher levels of performance.

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Wishing You – a Happy Holiday Season

Thanks for coming by my B2B Sales site and reading the b2b sales tips of the day. I want to wish you and your families a very Happy Holiday Season. Take time to show the ones who are important – they are important to you. I’m going to walk my talk and take a couple … Read more…

Show Your Expertise Using the Right Questions

I had a couple of questions from b2b sales people asking me about how to deal with the b2b buyers who seem to already have all the answers about their products and services. They wanted to know how to best respond to these types of b2b buyers.

Welcome to the world of the Internet and instant product knowledge research. This is becoming a hot topic these days for this very reason – b2b buyers know more about your products and the competitors products than every before.

The best method of dealing with this type of b2b buyer is to show your depth of knowledge and understanding by the use of better questions. Let’s call them the buyer acknowledgment questions.

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Use Pilot Programs for Improved b2b Sales Success

If you are looking for a method to quickly improve your b2b sales success, then think about how you can implement a small pilot program for your prospect.

Some b2b sales people make it a focal point to place a pilot program into a prospect account or in some cases an existing customer who could be looking at a totally new process you are offering.

The reasoning for the use of pilots is it lowers the fear of buying, shows an actual ROI on the project, and allows the buyer to see your implementation practice in account. Thus, no surprises or chaos causing more issues or confrontation across functional groups.

Here are four methods you can use to trigger the use of a pilot program within your prospect

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3 Ways to Simplify the First B2B Purchase

Many times a b2b sales person will charge a new account using a frontal assault tactic, pushing a complex solution on the first time b2b buyer. Talk about some bad MOJO.

This direct or frontal assault tactic is high risk and will cause you to lose more often than win.

If you want to win more sales opportunities, then you will want to use any or all of the three ways to simplify the first time purchase by a b2b sales buyer.

These three ways are…

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Once More – Reduce Risk to Win B2B Sales

One of the main issues or reasons for either “no decision” or “we’re going with competitor x” is directly related to the decision maker feeling your solution or offering is too risky.

Even if you feel you have the absolute best solution, if any undue risk or perception of risk raises it ugly head in the final moments – no dealt is coming your way.

Why does risk rate so high in the decision makers minds?

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B2B Sales Tip – Make Buyers Think

Yes, I know this sound simplistic and somewhat demeaning. However, it is a major issue for many b2b sales people who want to agree with the buyers or be seen as the “nice” seller.

Well, welcome to reality 202. The reality is if you agree to everything, avoid tough or controversial questions or only ask simple “mind-numbing” questions – you lose!

In the world of b2b sales the world is fast paced, crazy time shortages, and attention spans calculated in nano seconds rather than minutes. It is up to the b2b sales person to take charge of getting the attention of the buyer.

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