Success Mindsets #1 – You Can Improve.

In an effort to give you insight into how to have a better 2011, I felt it would be great to get you thinking about four success mindsets that can drive your personal and business success during 2011. Your ability to win more b2b sales will depend upon your complete understanding of these four mindset principals.

The first success mindset is simply…

You Can Improve Anything You Truly Want to Improve.

This statement is based upon the concept of continuous improvement and continuous learning. Both are important and will lead you to higher levels of performance. 

Personally, I can assure you this concept works almost like magic. I personally have been on a continuous improvement process since the early 1980’s. I have learned so much and have had the opportunity to apply this knowledge in my business and personal life. And, my success has grown each year. In fact, I have learned so much some of my clients actually call me the professor today. Why? Because I have learned a lot during these years of learning.

However, the key thing I have learned – the more I learn, the more I want to learn. As I become aware of the vast amount of knowledge available to learn, well, I want more. My clients who have also chosen to follow this path of continuous learning also report more results and in some cases – greater success than they had dreamed possible.

Look, if you are not learning on a continuous basis, well, the truth is you are becoming obsolete. Let me explain this reality.

Knowledge is doubling every three years in general information. Thus, if you are not learning new things in your profession each year – then at the end of one year a third of your knowledge could be obsolete or outdated. By the way, if you are in technology be aware knowledge is doubling each year!

No one ever say, the life of a business to business sales person would be easy. In fact, to be a highly successful b2b sales superstar – you will need to increase your learning significantly to get ahead of the curve. Why? Remember, one third of what you know today could be obsolete by the end of the year, so most people have to be learning every week to move pass maintaining a knowledge level – if you are serious about getting ahead in the game of b2b sales.

Set goals today to study and learn. Schedule a workshop or webinar on an important need you have. Examples could be in interpersonal communications, gaining rapport, learning how to ask questions to get the customer involved in the process, learn more effective methods of persuasion, how to leave a voice mail that gets action, and a better understanding of the sales cycle and its relationship to the buyers cycle.

Read sales books each month. One book per month would equal 12 new books during the coming year. You could become an authority within a short period of time by reading sales books and applying the information you find. Then monitor your results and watch for changes in both results and customer satisfaction.

This is the first of the big four success mindsets. Use them and watch your success increase.

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