Four Fatal Temptations Derailing b2b Sales Success

Due to my recent mistake with a potential new client, I decided it was a good idea to review some of the basics on being more successful in my b2b sales efforts. Then, I realized some of you may find this type of information beneficial as well.

So, here are four temptations to avoid at all costs – assuming you want continuous b2b sales success. 

  1. Talking Too Much – You want to ask more questions and then listen to what the customer or prospect has to say about their current and desired positions including the problems and consequences of the problems. You mission is to listen and learn. For each minute you are yakking the customer is not talking so you are limiting what you will learn from the customer.
  2. Digging Up Dirt or Blame – There are two things you want to minimize – getting into confidential topics and into personal gossip. The second area – personal gossip – usually leads to a discussion of who is to blame for the company or departmental problems rather than digging into the real issues with multiple contacts. Stay focused and objective in your dealings with individuals within a company.
  3. Handling Objections – This one can be an issue for a b2b sales person who has been around for a long time or who has an old school sales manager who likes objection handling. Remember, objection handling is an old school technique created from the short term sales world and the presentation model. Today, the B3B Sales Superstars are using the questioning model and learning about everything – even objections from the customers. Learn more and formulate a plan of action rather jumping into the old hand to hand combat techniques taught in old school selling.
  4. Unleashed the Product Dump – The biggest Fatal Flaw of all, yet, is administered by b2b sales people every day. The old school features and benefit product dump causing the eyes of the prospect to glass over with boredom – and the negative feelings from this data dump are directed to you – the b2b sales person. Not only does this damage your relationship with the prospect it actually causes difficulty for all b2b sales people attempting to sale this prospect. In other words, this fatal flaw impacts the entire industry when used on decision makers and buyers everyday. Focus on using questions to engage the prospect in discussions about their business issues and what they want in the future.

There you have the fatal four to your b2b sales success. Work on your sales process as well as your methods and techniques to minimize any need for the fatal four to happen.

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