Visualize Your Way to Greater B2B Sales Success

Okay, I know some of you are thinking – “Visualize or Visualization? That is just stupid stuff made up by motivational speaker types.” And, if you feel this way, you are truly right.

However, if you are curious and want to improve your b2b sales success, then I suggest you give this visualization method some time for review.

One of the things that convinced me to look into and practice visualization were based upon two things I learned.

  1. I read Jack Nicklaus’ book on Playing Golf His Way. In his book, he openly discussed the importance of using visualization as a tool for success. If he states he used visualization on every hole and every shot he took as the all time Golf Champion.
  2. Learning all the Olympic athletes in every sport used visualization as part of their routine practice in their respective sports. In fact, watching various Olympic games contests showed the athletics with their eyes closed using visualization techniques for executing their entire routine – sometimes to the sound of music used in their routines.

Now, I know this is about b2b sales rather than sports, however, these are basically professionals – like you. So, using the benchmark theory of best practices, I began to use the visualization techniques in my work – especially for sales presentations. 

So what is this visualization technique?

Here are few easy steps to using visualization to improve your success and outcomes…

  • Pick an important subject for You to Master – It could anything you do on a regular basis like presentations, interviewing a prospect or customer, making a sales presentation or signing the agreement to begin work. Anything you do on a regular basis you can visualize your success. Also, sometimes it is very good for your self esteem to visualize the lifestyle you wish to have in the future. This keeps you motivated even during hard times.
  • Close Your Eyes – Yes, to close your eyes you make want to do it will being free of an duties like driving your car or walking down the street. This closing of the eyes prefers visual distractions from causing a lack of personal focus.
  • Begin to Run a Video in Your Mind – A widescreen, HD version is the preferred visual for your mind. Full color and audio are also preferred to give the full effect upon your subconscious mind. The more vivid you can make the visualization in your mind, the sharper you will become in executing the process you are preparing to deliver.
  • Put Emotion into Your Video – Emotions ignite both the imagination and your memory storage space in your mind. The fact of the matter, the more emotion you put into the process, the more likely you will recall the script while delivering the real activity. This has been proven in scientific research so watch out for that negative thinking going on here.

There you have the quick and simple version of visualization. There are complete books and chapters of books on this topic – so feel free to Google… visualization techniques or methods and read the material. You will be amazed with the fast progress you can make using this simple and inexpensive technique for improving any b2b sales skills you want or need to improve.

Oh, yes, some of you are still not totally sold on this idea. Here is what you need to do – Try it! And, you don’t have to tell anyone else you are doing it until after your b2b sales results start to increase and others begin to ask you how you improved so fast.

And, if anyone tries to tell you it does not work, well, ignore them! See the negative people in the world do not want to see you win, because it means they will lose. Therefore, they directly or indirectly use insults and other forms of negativity to attempt to keep you down rather than seeing you move up to the top of the class.

Be a PRO and take charge of your life and outcomes. Use this powerful tool to enhance your skill sets in sales (or golf or tennis or whatever sport you enjoy playing.) and become a B2B Sales Superstar.

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