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Six Steps to Seven Figures

I am often asked for a simple, effective, no-nonsense approach to goal setting that
can be used by anyone to start the year fast and focused.

What follows is what I affectionately call the Six Step Makeover.

It’s a simple process that’s easy to learn, easy to apply, and easy to get results from.

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Play a Bigger Game in 2016

Challenges work to boost your effectiveness…

and that’s why I’m writing you right now as I
hope you don’t give up on your New Year’s
RESOLUTION by Jan 15th as most will do!

What do you think would happen if I were to
follow you with a camera crew 24 hours a day,
7 days a week for the first 100 days?

I bet 3 things would immediately take place…

1. You’ll START being more EFFECTIVE

2. You’ll STOP being INEFFECTIVE

3. You’ll SPARK MOMENTUM in your life!

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Improve Your Success Using Clear Communication

Most of you know how important Effective Communication impacts Your Results. I utilized an entire chapter in my book Three Games of Selling to this most important element in sales and leadership.

There are Seven Tips for Being Clear in Your Communication with Customers. Without this clarity, you can create issues and concerns for the customer which can ultimately cost you sales. Your Success depends heavily upon your ability to communicate exactly what you mean to say and the customer actually gets your meaning completely.

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Seven Keys When Handling Objections

Often when working with b2n sales people I get to observe the handling of objections. The best sales people are quite good in handling objections in a very positive matter – usually keeping the sales process moving in the right direction.

The less successful b2b sales people tend to display similar traits which create their less favorable results. Being able to observe these traits allows me the opportunity to help them improve their sales results by improving their handling of objections.

There appears to be seven key areas you must do correctly to advance a sales opportunity once an objection has been raised. Here is the list of the seven keys for handling objections successfully…

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The Worst Question to Ask a Customer

So many sales people ask me about what is the best question to use in selling. I have shared my all time favorite one – I called it the Million Dollar Question – and I shared it a while back on this site.

Yet, the biggest mistake made by sales people is to ask the “wrong” question which challenges the intelligence of the customer. This question surprisingly is triggered by one word. When you use this word at the wrong time to begin a question, you have opened up “Pandora’s box” and you are about to get bit where you don’t want to be bitten – in your bank account.

You’re probably wondering at this time, just what is this powerful yet negative question?

The worst question you can ask a customer is…

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6 Hard Questions for Yourself when Slumping

Thinking about Sales SuccessRecently was talking to client who was struggling with his results for the past couple of months. He had lost his confidence and was questioning everything he was doing – without any new success.

So after a while of listening he point blank asked me to help him.

So, I started by asking six hard questions to begin his sales results turnaround. Then I realized he may not be the only person with a b2b sales slump, so I decided to share the six questions to help others to gain clarity of the their situation and move forward successfully.

Here are the six Hard Questions…

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The Magic Statement for Getting Decision Maker Attention

Recently, while moving offices, I found this amazing Attention Grabber statement. (Actually found the banner – more later, keep reading) It fits the new “models of selling” coming out from several directions. Yet, the truth is – it is really just plain old common sense.

To often we get caught in learning “Ninja” tactics and special “hypnotic” methods to get the attention of our prospects and customers. And, then they figure out it is just more stuff about us or our product – not about them.

In Sales 101 we learned about the customer’s favorite radio station – WIIFM. Yet, we have a tendency to change the channel too often whereby the “Me” is really “You” and not the customer. The station the customer is looking for is the one that is ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER AND THEIR NEED.

So, here is the statement that is guaranteed to capture the attention of any human being who is looking for a real solution to their issue…

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Six REAL Reasons Buyers Don’t Buy

While it is very easy to use the classic reason for prospects not buying from you – the price was too high – I don’t Buy It. Sorry for the pun it was just too easy. ?

Yet, my choice is correct – that price is not the only reason. And, it is used as the verbal reasoning told to you, since most buyers do not want any confrontation or conflict due to the real reasons.

Here are the REAL Six Reasons They Don’t Buy from You…

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Signals of a Transactional B2b Sales Person

One of the biggest signs of a problematic b2b sales performance is the challenge of unlearning the traditional or transactional sales tactics of the past. When b2b sales people start telling me how hard their job is today – and it is – I first want to empathize with them and then find the answer to their problem.

I agree with one “excuse” customers & prospects want to get the best deal – which to many means lowest price. To the superstars, it means they want the best value offer which is quite different from the lowest price concern.

Now as someone who has assisted many sales people and sales teams transform from Transactional Selling to a more Progressive B2B Selling, this has always been an issue for the sales executives. The Key was to fundamentally change or transform the mindsets of the sales teams.

An interesting observation from these experiences – it usually just took One Sales Person to accept the new mindset, change the way they sold and have success in the field. Amazingly, the majority of the team would sudden change their performance levels shortly afterwards. This proves the power of mindsets in the world of selling.

So, how do you know if you are a Transactional Sales Person today? Usually you are not happy with your results, while your gross sales may be the same – your margins are lower and you feel you get less respect from both the customer and the sales manager. So what is causing this issue?

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