The Magic Statement for Getting Decision Maker Attention

Recently, while moving offices, I found this amazing Attention Grabber statement. (Actually found the banner – more later, keep reading) It fits the new “models of selling” coming out from several directions. Yet, the truth is – it is really just plain old common sense.

To often we get caught in learning “Ninja” tactics and special “hypnotic” methods to get the attention of our prospects and customers. And, then they figure out it is just more stuff about us or our product – not about them.

In Sales 101 we learned about the customer’s favorite radio station – WIIFM. Yet, we have a tendency to change the channel too often whereby the “Me” is really “You” and not the customer. The station the customer is looking for is the one that is ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER AND THEIR NEED.

So, here is the statement that is guaranteed to capture the attention of any human being who is looking for a real solution to their issue… Ready?

“I Have An Idea About How You Can Grow Your Business.”

If you are speaking to a high level executive, whom growth is a very important issue to their company, division, business unit or subsidiary – then you will have their undivided attention.

Not as a word of caution, use this after you have discovered a possible opportunity to help this customer grow their business. (I really have to say this since one person I know used it before thinking about what they would tell the customer. LOL – this is bad mojo.)

Twenty years ago a consultant starting contacting me on a regular basis. He sent me letters, postcards, large banners for my office – all with this statement on it. “How Are You Going to Grow Your Business?”

After a month of this “madness” I called him to find out what he was up to? To my surprise he got my undivided attention with an amazing idea of how I could grow my business. Which lead to me paying to fly him to my office and do some valuable work for our company. Much better results for everyone using this method over the traditional “Buy My Stuff” approach.

Now, I use this statement or question as a quick start for creative thinking for both my clients and my company. To date, it has provided a huge return on investment and time.

Here is a checklist for using this statement with your customers or prospects. Follow the list and do the work.

  • Look into your customer or prospect list.
  • Identify the key decision makers.
  • Think or brainstorm with your team to come up with ideas for growing their business.
  • Then, write your idea down and practice discussing the concept or idea with others – before meeting with the decision maker.
  • Check to make certain this idea will actually drive growth for your customer or prospect.

Now, Launch – Take Action – Contact the Decision Maker – And, Get Their Undivided Attention.

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Voss Graham

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