B2B Sales Major Change Issue #5 – Align B2B Sales Training

Today, I will share the fifth part of a five part series on major change issues for b2b sales. Today’s topic will discuss the  major issue of a lack of alignment regarding existing sales training and development with the new model of b2b selling.

This issue touches upon the real reason so many b2b sales people are creating the wrong environment for their customers to buy. The alignment of b2b sales training and development with what is needed for sales success in the future will, well, make you  better prepared for your successful b2b sales future.

This fifth issue is related to the second part of issue number four – the training of new sales people for b2b sales. In the past, it was determined the best sales people were aggressive, goal oriented and used people to get to their goals. While this model worked very well during the presentation model years of successful selling, as Bob Dylan sang – “The Times They Are A-Changing!” 

The sales training and development portion of new b2b world needs attention. No longer will the traditional sales training focused upon handling conflict and objections, product knowledge features, closing techniques, and presentation skills  training be acceptable for future sales growth. While helpful, these tactics will only hurt you with the higher level decision makers.

The new world of b2b sales development and training should be focused upon learning how to gain rapport with anyone, using questioning skills effectively, listening and understanding skills, having a keen understanding of business acumen, use inborn creativity and problem solving skills, learn how to use research tools to learn more about companies and executives, use innovation to help both your company as well as your customer, and how to speak as a peer with confidence and authenticity  to become a “Business Person Who Sells.”

There you have the five part series on the critical need for major change in b2b selling. So beware of the old habits whispering in your ear doubts about this new world of b2b sales. They do not want to lose influence over your actions, yet, remember they will not take credit for your failures.

Create an action plan for learning the new sales strategies and methods. Do an assessment to discover your natural strengths and weaknesses. Get some sales coaching from someone who understands this new model of b2b sales and then get prepared to join the exclusive ranks of the B2B Sales Superstars.

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