Characteristics of High Performing Sales Teams

Continuing the theme from last week of Team Selling, I thought it would be a good idea to share the common characteristics we find in high performing sales teams. There are three primary and proven characteristics demonstrated by the best sales teams who are using a team concept to sell to their customers.

The three characteristics are as follows… 

  1. Clear and Elevating Goal

    This means everyone on the team shares a common goal using clarity and understanding of purpose as a driving force for their success. The added component is the elevating goal, meaning the bar is continuously being moved up. The status quo is not acceptable, the team continues to stretch their abilities and performance standards.

  2. Trusting and Supportive Environment

    It starts with respect for each individual on the team. Trust is expected and earned everyday since the individuals on the team understand trust is the bond or glue holding the team together – even in difficult situations. The Supportive Element is again related to the respect for every individual on the team. Each member supports the other members and covers for them whenever necessary. Excellent football team show this supportive element when they protect each other from the other team’s action or questionable actions. They use a form of shared leadership – knowing their role and the role of everyone else to improve the team’s performance and results.

  3. High Standards and Shared Responsible

    High performing teams set very high standards of performance for each member on the team. Expectations are high and so is the positive energy demonstrated by the team members during the day. They also understand the role of shared responsibility. They know their work environment is a NO BLAME HERE ZONE. The blame game is left to other groups especially competitors. Each person on the team accepts their role and takes responsibility for the team’s overall performance and results.

There are clear reasons why team selling works extremely well with certain sales teams and is a complete failure with others. The key is how well they are set up to begin the process and the level of support and commitment from the executive leadership.

How are doing at developing a high performance sales team.?

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