“Door Openers” are Needed for Hot Leads

One thing I know – b2b sales people are always wanting new “hot” leads to place in their b2b sales pipeline. Right?

I know I’m always looking and several of my closest clients tell me the same thing. They want more “hot leads” for their sales pipeline. You know these types of leads, the ones who are actively looking for a solution to their problem or critical issues.

So how do they know you can possibly solve their problem or critical issue?

You must use what is know in the marketing world of classic “door opening” strategies. This is not a complex thing. Just a little personal mind-storming or group brainstorming to develop a list of problems you regularly solve for your customers. 

This is the key – discover the problems you can solve. Then write letters or emails using storytelling techniques – as in success stories on problems solved experiences – and you are prepared to generate new leads.

Why does this work? And, why is your b2b marketing team missing this opportunity?

First the marketing team and their lack of using door opening marketing strategies. Seems the marketing people forgot what got them in the game originally. For over a century when manufacturing companies were creating brand new categories of products – door opening marketing strategies were commonplace.

These marketing pieces were aimed at addressing problems and critical issues solved by the new product and product categories. Then in the late 20th century, marketers began using other strategies to develop brand awareness and comparison techniques to show how a product was superior to other similar products.

These new strategies are valuable for the b2c world as the consumers need this type of information. However, in the world of b2b – we need to capture the attention of busy executives using stories about solving problems.

All the tactics in your arsenal of marketing – from direct mail, phone calls, emails, brochures, white papers, presentations at trade shows, You Tube videos and even the new social media tools – need to use the “door opener” strategies to find the busy decision makers you are looking for these days.

Look, if you do not have a up to date marketing group providing you with fancy marketing pieces, then do it yourself. It does not need to be real fancy, just genuine and helpful to your potential customer. And, they will begin to contact you to learn more and details regarding how you did it.

By the way, this is another of the tools used by the B2B Sales Superstars to create a large b2b sales pipeline of QUALIFIED and hot leads. Try it and watch the sales results climb.

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